Keynote Speaker - Brandy Lawson

I've been speaking to audiences of all sizes since I was 15 years old. From youth group meetings to company conferences, I can't wait to get in front of people and share what I know. And tell some embarrassing stories with the bonus of poking fun at my relatives while I'm at it.

Digital marketing topics can be intimidating or even worse, watch-paint-dry boring. That's not my idea of fun, and really, to learn anything, we've got to be engaged.

I bring my marketing+tech genius in a plain English, no-judgement wrapper to educate and entertain audiences. Attendees leave my sessions with a smile on their face and at least a handful of strategies, tips and tricks to take their online marketing game to the next level.

Whether you’re an organization, business, conference, or non-profit, I’d love to see if there’s a way for me to help magnify the contributions you make to your audience.

Brandy Lawson - Keynote SpeakerPopular Sessions

Taking Your Online Presence from "Hot Mess" to "On Fire"

How do you look when someone finds you online? Or are they finding you at all? Are you making a fantastic first impression and causing them to take steps to get to know you better? Or... are they running away?

In this session you'll learn:

  • The 1 thing you must have to be successful online
  • Specific steps you can take today to start improving your digital presence (and conversions)
  • How to show up authentically and attract your ideal clients

Being an Entrepreneur Doesn't Have to Suck

Every business owner is a duck, or an iceberg - what you see above the water is just a very small part of the whole picture. From the uber-successful to the super-struggling, business owners need support and community. In this session attendees lean how to figure out how to find their perfect-fit community and get where they are going faster.

In this session you'll learn:

  • The real truth about what even successful business owners face
  • You're not alone, and where to find other people like you
  • How to leverage support and community for your success (and mental health)

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